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Looking for Unvaccinated Singles?

Welcome to our platform for unvaccinated dating options! Connect with like-minded singles who share your decision not to date people vaccinated for COVID-19. Embrace a supportive space where health choices are respected, and meaningful connections flourish. Join now and find your perfect match, fostering unity in shared beliefs and values.

Online Dating Site

Until now, there was no safe dating site for COVID-19 unvaccinated singles. 4thePURE is an online community where COVID-19 unvaccinated singles can safely connect with like-minded individuals who are also interested in meeting other unvaccinated singles. All members will have undergone a thorough background check to ensure a safe environment. This includes verifying their valid SS#, screening for sex offenders and individuals on watch lists, as well as conducting comprehensive national and local criminal checks.
  • Meet – Find a COVID-19 unvaccinated member with whom to actuate a romantic relationship based on similar interests, objectives, etc.
  • Connect – Easily connect with a COVID-19 unvaccinated member looking to date via message.
  • Privacy – You can restrict your profile to permit only friends to see your profile, connect, and direct message.

Singles Community

4thePURE will consist of a website and mobile app that allows members to search, find, connect with other like minded singles. We make meeting other like minded singles safe and easy with our built in direct messaging feature.  You can also join singles groups, create your own groups, join discussions, start discussions, share updates, photos, videos, documents, events, activity feeds, sell products, shop, post jobs, find resumes, etc.

  • Age – 18 Years of Age and Older
  • 5 memberships levels
  • Security – All paying members will under go a criminal background check

Dating Made Easy

Search, Find, Connect, Direct Message

  • Find – Easy search and find other singles looking for other like minded singles.
  • Member Profiles – Full member profiles, including member types, interests, questions, discussions, blogs, photos, videos, activity feed, timeline, groups, etc.
  • Member – By member type, profile information, Keyword, Interest, Photo, Videos, activity feed, timeline.
  • Connections – Like Facebook, members can connect with others by allowing them to see their profiles, direct message, follow, or be followed, etc.

Unvaccinated Dating News & Events

Discover unvaccinated news and events, a platform for like-minded singles seeking meaningful connections. Join our community to connect with individuals who share your beliefs, prioritizing health choices. Stay informed with the latest news and exciting events where you can meet and embrace unity with others who resonate with your values. Join now and embark on a journey of authentic connections, fostering meaningful relationships based on shared principles.
Unvaccinated Singles

Unvaccinated Dating Groups

Join our unvaccinated dating groups, a community for like-minded singles seeking meaningful connections. Connect with individuals who share your health choices, fostering a supportive space for genuine relationships. Embrace a platform where you can meet and connect with others who prioritize unvaccinated dating. Celebrate unity in shared beliefs and values, empowering your journey to find meaningful love and companionship. Join now and discover a caring community that values your choices, creating authentic connections with people who understand and embrace your perspective.