Unvaccinated Blood Donors

Looking for Unvaccinated Blood?

Join our platform for unvaccinated COVID-19 blood donors! Connect with like-minded individuals who haven’t had the vaccine and seek to donate or receive unvaccinated blood. Embrace a caring community, supporting health choices and making a positive impact. Donate or receive blood from others who share your perspective. Join now and empower each other through compassionate connections.

Blood Donor Directory

Looking for an COVID-19 unvaccinated blood donor? 4thePURE has integrated with Safe Blood to provide a full blood matching service.  We are able to provide access to the Global leader blood donor matching with donors in all 50 states, 5 continents, and over 53 countries. 

  • Filter by Blood Type – Filter by blood type: A-, B-, AB-, O-, A+, B+, AB+, O+.
  • Interactive Map – We are able to provide you a nice interactive blood donor map, where you search by city. 
  • Full Service Matching – We set up a meeting with one of our Safe Blood representatives, talk through your needs, find you the best blood donor matches and coordinate the transfusion. 
Unvaccinated Blood Donors
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Blood Donor Groups

Welcome to our vibrant community of COVID-19 unvaccinated blood donor groups! Connect with like-minded individuals who haven’t received the vaccine and are passionate about donating or receiving unvaccinated blood. Join supportive groups that respect individual health choices. Find your perfect match and make a positive impact by supporting unvaccinated blood donation. Together, let’s foster a caring network that empowers each other through compassionate connections.