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4thePURE is an online community of health-conscious, COVID-19 unvaccinated people who can find curated news, important health information, like-minded friendships, search for a date, find quality service providers, blood donors, fertility options, jobs/resumes, events, retreats, conferences, and seminars with some of the biggest experts in the world.

Online Community

This online community consists of a website and mobile app that allows members to learn, search, find, connect with, direct message, join groups, create groups, join discussions, start discussions, share updates, photos, videos, documents, events, activity feeds, sell products, shop, post jobs, find resumes, etc.

  • Age – 18 Years of Age and Older
  • Security – All paying members will under go a criminal background check
  • Safety – Your information is never given out as you are able to message within the system

Online Dating Site

Until now, there was no safe dating site for COVID-19 unvaccinated singles. 4thePURE is an online community where COVID-19 unvaccinated singles can safely connect with like-minded individuals who are also interested in meeting other unvaccinated singles. All members will have undergone a thorough background check to ensure a safe environment. This includes verifying their valid SS#, screening for sex offenders and individuals on watch lists, as well as conducting comprehensive national and local criminal checks.
  • Meet – Find a COVID-19 unvaccinated member with whom to actuate a romantic relationship based on similar interests, objectives, etc.
  • Connect – Easily connect with a COVID-19 unvaccinated member looking to date via message.
  • Privacy – You can restrict your profile to permit only friends to see your profile, connect, and direct message.

Blood Donors

Looking for an COVID-19 unvaccinated blood donor? 4thePURE is a full directory of COVID-19 unvaccinated people who are willing to help.  Need a blood transfusion? In our blood bank directory, you will be able to search by lifestyle and blood type:

  • Filter by Blood Type – Filter by blood type: A-, B-, AB-, O-, A+, B+, AB+, O+.
  • Search By Location – Find blood donors close to you.
Safe Blood Matching
Unvaccinated Blood Donors

News, Information & Updates

Learn Essential Information & Updates
  • Active Feed – Members post pertinent updates, activities, articles, news, podcasts, etc.
  • Articles – Provide best-curated content concerning vaccines and other health & wellness concepts.
  • News – Provide access to trustworthy news sources, providing members the best information on one site.
  • Podcasts – Create and connect with the best podcasts regarding vaccines and other health and wellness concepts.

Member Community

Search, Find, Connect, Direct Message
  • Find – Friendships, Dates, Events, Interests, Service providers, jobs, employees, etc.
  • Member Profiles – Full member profiles, including member types, interests, questions, discussions, blogs, photos, videos, activity feed, timeline, groups, etc.
  • Member – By member type, profile information, Keyword, Interest, Photo, Videos, activity feed, timeline.
  • Connections – Like Facebook, members can connect with others by allowing them to see their profiles, direct message, follow, or be followed, etc.

Member Groups

Find Like-Minded Groups of People
  • Join Groups – Find groups of specific interests, topics, locations, age groups, etc.
  • Create Groups – Allow members to organize themselves into public, private or hidden groups with separate activity feeds, discussions, etc.
  • Document Management – All groups have a place to store all files.
  • Group Notification – Somebody can subscribe to weekly email notifications, etc.


Find and Post Events
  • 4thePURE will host member events, retreats, conferences, and seminars with some of the biggest experts in the world.
  • Dynamic Event Calendar w/ categories
  • Members can host and post their own events
  • RSVP Management
  • Automated Email Management
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Sell Tickets, Check Ins & More

Fertility Options

Looking For Fertility Options For COVID-19 Unvaccinated people? Couples who face fertility issues can find sperm donors, egg donors, breastmilk donors, surrogates, embryo donations and adoptions. Blood banks will have donors for all types.

Business Directory

In today’s world, it is important to pick your service providers carefully. 4thePURE provides a full business directory of patriot businesses that are COVID-19 unvaccinated and prioritize the freedom of COVID-19 unvaccinated employees. You will be able to search by catalog and by location. Member will also be able to post their business, referral businesses, etc. Members will be able to contact, review, post pictures of their experiences.
Business Directory

Job Boards

Comprehensive Job and Employee Boards
  • Allow members to post jobs
  • Search resumes and find candidates
  • Submit resumes
  • Apply for jobs
  • Email Job Alerts
  • Filter By Location, Type, Keyword, etc.

E-Commerce Marketplace

  • Merch Store – Full 4thePURE merch store of all your favorite apparel, hats, gifts, drinkware, and more.
  • Vendor Marketplace – Allow members to add their businesses and sell products and services.
  • Mobile App – Our e-commerce site will have a full e-commerce app as well, similar to Amazon & Appsumo.

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